First visit(第一次的訪問者)
Entrance fee¥500+Covercharge¥500(入场费¥500+饮食附加费¥500)

Second visit(第二次的訪問者)
For customers who have a point card・・・Entrance fee¥0(那些誰擁有打折卡點・・・入场费¥0)
※The children of primary school age and under don't have to pay
entrance fee or cover charge, only if accompanied guardian.

Point card/Discounts card(折扣卡)

We'll give you a point card on your first visit.(会计时请得到折扣卡)
※Expiration date is 60 days from the last visit date.(※折扣卡的有效期限,是从最后访问的日开始60日)

≪Excluding discounts≫(折扣卡不能使用的日)
Visit twice a day  maid staff’s event day(^貽第2次的访问  工作人员的活动的日)

At least one drink order  is required every 60 minutes.(请每60分一个订购饮料)
Please be sure to order one drink every 60 minutes.(请必定每60分一个订购饮料)

"All-you-can-drink course" or "Uijin set"("Nomihoudai course" 或 "Uijin set")
 If you order those sets, you don't have to order one drink every 60 minutes.

Please pay your server.(变成在座位的会计)
We don't inform you the time, even if more than 60 minutes passed.(我们60分过也不告知你)


You can't take a photo except for food or drink.